Conversion-Focused Email Systems For Ecommerce

👋  Hey Online Store Builder,

Did you hear the news?

Email marketing is the king of the marketing world.

With an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, profits from your email channel can be the life-blood of your business and also generate the cash to scale your paid ads.

And when it comes to long-term success, it happens to be one of the smartest marketing channels you could invest in.

With a well-developed email program, your business isn’t at mercy to middle-men like Facebook, Google, or Amazon, standing between you and your customers…

This is because your email list is an audience YOU own.

If one of these tech giants deactivate your account or end up dead (remember Myspace?), you’ll still have your email list to fall back on and keep your business afloat.

So if you want your store to stand strong and weather the ever-changing landscape of Ecommerce for years to come, email should be at the centre of your diversification strategy.

But despite email marketing’s proven record for producing big-time results and resilient, future-proof businesses, many online stores still make the mistake of doing email marketing wrong or worse, neglect it completely.

Whether its:

❌ Not having any automated sequences installed (cart/browse abandonment, welcome sequences, etc.)

❌ Only sending out sale promo emails which irritate customers resulting in unsubscribes.

❌ Not knowing how to follow up with new buyers and turn them into repeat and loyal customers.

❌ Not knowing how to segment their list for maximum ROI and understand what a big-picture email strategy should look like.

❌ Sending emails which are boring to read, fail to engage, and end up in the spam folder.

❌ Or not knowing where to start and doing zero email marketing whatsoever.

If any of those issues apply to your business, and you’d like to fix them, I may be able to help you…

Hi, I’m Jay

I’m a copywriter and growth marketer based in Australia and I help stores, maybe like yours, get their products into the hands of more people.

Ever since I left  my job as a social media manager in Germany several years ago, I’ve been obsessed with Ecommerce and online marketing…

I’ve started my own Ecom store, studied marketing and sales books religiously, spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, taken a dozen marketing courses and started coaching with a Forbes-featured growth marketer responsible for over $55 million in sales.

Over the years, I’ve been able to help a number of Ecommerce businesses grow by developing and installing better email marketing programs that convert.

And what often happens is that just by making a few tweaks to their marketing, we’ve been able to generate thousands of dollars for them, in just a couple of days.

To put it simply, I’m the guy who will make you more money with your emails.

And if you’d like to personally go in and do that for your business, then please read on…

Here’s who I can help

I can normally only take on 1-2 new clients monthly, so if you want to be one of them there are some things you should know…

👉 I only work with ethical companies, I’m not interested in helping you scam people.

👉 You need to be in business right now, if you haven’t started selling yet then I’m afraid I can’t help you.

👉 You need to have quality products, I can’t help sell junk that nobody wants, your product needs to actually solve your customer’s problem.

👉 You value sales copy. I want to get results for you and to do that I use direct response methods. I’m not a brand copywriter, I’m afraid.

👉 Working with you feels…right. You know, the basic stuff like communicating in a timely manner, respecting my time, process, and putting the project first––not your ego.

If you were nodding along while reading all that then I reckon we could be a pretty good fit. 😀

Now then…

Here’s what I can do for your business

Generally, I like to first do an audit of your existing marketing funnels to uncover hidden opportunities for the most revenue.

Then, it’s just a matter of mapping out the strategy, developing the copy, assets, and plugging them all into your email platform.

So in the end, you’ll have a done-for-you email system switched on and generating cash for you, in a matter of days.

But if you don’t want a complete system and instead need help with specific tasks, here’s a list of things I can do:

✅ Email strategy & planning

✅ Email Copywriting

✅ Autoresponders/automated sequences

✅ Behavioural email flows

✅ List management and Nurturing

✅ Ongoing Monthly Email Management (holiday promos, BF/CM)

✅ Email funnel optimisation

✅ Setting up email systems/implementation in your email platform

✅ Conversion-focused email designs

And much more…

Now, if you think your business could benefit from any of those tasks and want to have an expert do them for you…

Here’s how you can get me on your team

First, I’ll need you to fill out a short application form below so that I can learn more about your business, your goals and confirm that I can actually help you.

Once that’s sent off, I’ll review it within the next 48 hrs and If we get the green light, I’ll reach out and with my scheduler link, so we can have a chat.

Now, if it doesn’t look like I can help, I’ll get back to you with contact details of another expert in my network who could be better suited to help you.

Sound good?


Click “Let’s Get Started” and let’s get those conversions!🚀🚀🚀